The Importance of a Daddy

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Maybe one of the best things we mommies can do is to encourage our children to bond with their daddies.

I was skyping with my dear Texan friend, who is a brand new mommy. While we were talking, her adorable infant began crying and fussing. Her husband came in and started rocking and shushing the baby. My friend didn’t bat an eye when it took her husband several minutes to calm him down. (Let’s face it: she probably could have calmed him down more quickly herself!) But, in no time, Daddy had figured out that baby liked a little beat-boxing. Before we knew it, the baby was quiet and completely enthralled by his Daddy’s rhythm skills. And I was enthralled by my friend’s wisdom to trust her husband’s ability to soothe and protect their son. Surely this is only the beginning of Daddy growing in his parenting skills, Mommy growing in her partnership, and Son growing in his affection and appreciation for both of his parents.