The Ingles Family

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On this gorgeous autumn day, we drove out to the country, the home of many beautiful Amish farms and quaint local stores. We concocted a picnic lunch at a country store and, feeling VERY domestic, I bought some bulk baking supplies. Vivienne also found a prairie bonnet that she fell in love with immediately. Understand, she’s been wanting one for a while, so this was a big find! I’m the guilty party: I’ve already taught her how to run around the yard like Laura Ingles Wilder… and, okay, on occasion, I ask her to call me “Ma”… and, okay, on occasion, I call her “Laura” and tell her to milk the cows. Ooo, this is a fabulous time for me to plug the “My First Little House” series that we found at the library! Adorable toddler-friendly books that are based on the original books.


Back to our country store finds: I found a yummy candle that is actually flavored “Country Store” (ah-hah! I’ve always wanted the country store’s secret to smelling outstandingly delicious!)


Afterwards, we headed out to a beautiful little park for our picnic. We returned for long naps, leaf raking, window washing, and a warm supper. Then we were off again to Wegman’s and Lowe’s before bedtime. At some point, Vivienne looked at me and said, “I love this day!”

A couple pictures of our picnic, featuring our little prairie girl.