The Joy of Reading…

As part of the library’s summer reading program, Vivienne has been reading silently for 30 minutes each day.

She finished the first book in Beverly Lewis’ Cul-de-sac Kids series the other day.

Just when I was about to hand her the second book in the series, I noticed that it was missing.

It turns out, she had already gotten it down off the shelf!

She’s entered the world of personal reading!

I’m delighted for her.






5 responses to “The Joy of Reading…”

  1. Jennie Avatar

    I get so excited when my children truly enjoy reading. That is one of my main goals with home educating. For that is how they will learn as adults. 🙂

  2. Christina B Avatar

    WOW!! That’s so exciting!! Just wondering what you’ve used as far as a reading program goes?!

    I’m needing to get my 5 1/2yo to that “next level” in reading, and am not too sure how to do this!!


  3. Heathahlee Avatar

    My Kiddo continues to amaze me with his love of reading. He’s 11 and reading adult books. We just got his achievement test scores back this week and his reading is at college level…talk about being a proud home schooling mom! He actually started writing his own novel yesterday. You never know where their love of reading will take them!

  4. Homeschool on Croft Avatar

    Oh, it’s great when you see them reading through choice. Our youngest fella devours books now too (he’s 8) – following in the footsteps of his 17yr old brother. Our two girls though were slightly different. Our 14 year old only *really* began enjoying reading last year, and although the 16 yr old has read for years, her choice of reading material is more limited. Whereas the boys will do novels, history, factual books…. unlimited, she is more stuck to her novels (historical, especially). We have hundreds of books in the house, so even with a reluctant reader, if there are books available, they will (normally) come around to reading.
    (My own favourite pastime too….when I get time!)

  5. Homeschool on Croft Avatar

    Er….don’t know why the face came up in my comment – I was saying that this son is 8yrs old!

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