The Life He Gives

Here’s a Memoir:

There I stand with our battery-operated weed-whacker.


In the backyard, you know, where the woods

pushes against our rock wall,

persisting on invading our property.

I mean it: Persisting.

But I will beat it back! I commit.

I will kill the invading woods!

Even as I rev up the engine, those strong vines boisterously roll over the rocks, growing 5 more inches, tossing suckers into our helpless lawn.

Who am I kidding? I ask as I remove my safety goggles.

My weed-whacker and I don’t stand a chance.

Life keeps springing up.


And so I meditate on this: life keeps springing up!

It happens all of the time: life keeps springing up.

Despite the way we

– when left to our selfish devices –

tend to destroy life:

we buy too much,

sleep too late,

eat foods that kills us,

say words that kill other people,

build weapons,

waste time,

abort babies,

and hate each other.

Through our actions, we scream, “We. don’t. want. any. more. life!”

Yet, God persists.

He fills our gardens, our imaginations, our cells, our wombs.

He persists in growing trees, providing fruits and vegetables, giving wisdom, creating babies,

and breathing life through Scripture so that we are overwhelmed with growth:

life that multiplies from His sweet hands.

Father and Creator, forgive us for killing what you have created (in a million different ways),

what you have loved (in a million different ways),

what you have invested your heart in,

what you have written on your hand and placed upon your arm.

All I can request is,

“Keep going! Keep on in your mercy inundating us with life!

Your glorious power speaks for itself –

You are greater than death.

– thoughts by Laura

(Photo credit: The Independent)



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