The Little House Pilot

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It has worked out so well that my name is “Laura”, making my imaginary transformation into “Laura Ingles Wilder” much more fluid, I believe. I grew up reading, watching, and reliving the prairie-running sweetheart. So, you can imagine my sheer joy that I have now become “Ma”, Vivienne the new “Laura”, and Lia “Carrie”. (We all morph into being “Mary” whenever necessary.)

Several years ago, Ryan bought Season 1 of the television series for me, which we have enjoyed immensely. However, since reading the first two books of the series to Vivienne, I’ve been wishing that the show represented the books more closely. You can imagine my surprise when I glanced over a $5 bin of DVD’s at the Factory Card Outlet a couple of weeks ago and saw THIS:

Yes, Little Half-Pint-of-Cider-Half-Drunk-Up, this is the original pilot for the television series and it is fantastic! Based almost entirely upon Wilder’s second book, Little House on the Prairie, the Pilot reinforced Vivienne’s understanding of the Ingles’ dramatic struggle and admirable endurance in Indian Territory. Of course, after we watched it, I returned to Factory Card Outlet to raid the rest of the DVD stash, but, alas, Pa had been replaced by a ghoul: Boo! So, I didn’t stock pile one for you, but it looks like you can order a copy from Amazon.