the little table in our kitchen

Vivienne and I exchanged our stack of library books about the sun, moon, and Buzz Aldrin for books about trees, flowers, and recycling (Grover’s 10 Terrific Ways to Help our Wonderful World, being a shew-in favorite). This week’s lessons from Ann Ward’s oldie-but-goodie Learning at Home is all about appreciating the amazing gifts that popped up on the third day of Creation, completing our “All About Vivienne” book, learning about stewardship and table manners, and climbing on an inclined board (I’m hoping a sliding board will do since I got rid of all the inclined boards we had sitting around the house.)

I am so excited for Vivienne to memorize and have truths in her heart like, “Surely the world is established; so that it cannot be moved” (Ps. 93:1) and “…worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water” (Rev. 14:7). What peace a little girl may have when these words are mixed with faith (that’s my most recent prayer for her, inspired by Hebrews 4:2)!

The Littlest School-room

First Day of School!






3 responses to “the little table in our kitchen”

  1. Jan Avatar

    how cute are you with your own preschool cirriculum! You should never throw inclined boards away, I always say.

  2. Grandmom Avatar

    Hi, my sweet industrious loving little family! How it thrills my soul to know that my children’s children are learning to love and trust God!
    One thing I’ve got around here is inclined boards…or at least possibilities for inclined boards…can’t wait to have Vivi come to workout with Grandmom or for Grandmom…whichever works best!

  3. Lisa Avatar

    You are all so beautiful! I love you all very much!

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