The months, days, and counting to 30(1)!

Teach your little one the months, days of the week, and how to count to 30 (or 31) with this simple tradition:

Each morning, flip through a calendar together reciting the names of the months. (During the first week or so, it might help to spice it up by having your child repeat after you with different volumes, accents, moods, etc.) Have your child “celebrate” in some way when you arrive at this month’s page, but keep going to December. Then, back on this month’s page, point to each day of the week as you sing “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…” in any old melody that is simple and catchy. Then, using a fun pen or a doll, point to each number and count from 1 to 30 (or 31). Finally, find today’s square and have your child repeat after you, “Today is Wednesday, October 3, 2007!” while she colors in the block. Some children will be content with scribbling in the square, others may want to draw something that reflects the weather, etc.

I bet you’ll be surprised that in one- or two- month’s time, your child will know all of the months, days of the week, and numbers from 1 – 31, while having a better grasp of time (yesterday, today, tomorrow, etc.). And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy the reminder that each day is a unique gift from God, worthy of joy!

* Adapted from our darling curriculum, Learning at Home by Ann Ward

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