One Powerful Thing You Can Do Today

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As you wake up and get rolling today, I invite you to do something that will change everything about your day:

Preach the gospel to yourself.

Preach that in a world of darkness, Jesus ascended as the only light of the world.

Remind yourself that if you have received Him as your light, you have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.

Preach that you are a child of God

…who doesn’t have to scramble for acceptance, perfection, or worth, for all those things are yours in Jesus.

Speak aloud that your home is Heaven, where you will be united with Jesus, worship Him as He is, enjoy the fellowship of all the saints throughout all of time, and forever savor the rightness for which we all long. The circumstances of the day and the “to-do” lists of each hour are no longer your reason for existence. You are no longer just looking forward to lunch, you are looking forward to Home, where your heart is set.

In light of these truths, there will be no more wallowing in selfish desires, manipulating, striving, and working so hard towards our own ends. For Jesus Christ is the center of all Scripture, all time, and all space. It is He who holds everything together. Every knee will bow to the Prince of Peace. All nature sings His praise. And all things are created for His pleasure and glory.

Finally, remember this sweet relief: that Jesus has created you and called you to live this day for Him, in light of what He has done for you.

May you and I never tire of preaching or hearing this beautiful sermon, for it will turn our hearts toward Jesus and make our joy complete.

Enjoy the day!