The Name Game

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Yikes! We only have 20 weeks to discover the perfect name for this little baby! (“Jingle Bells” will only seem cute for a limited time!) Help me think through these names. Any impressions? (This is a limited list of possibilities… I have to stop searching at the moment. So, look at these for the time being and pass along any treasures you might think of!)


Joshua: God is salvation

Silas: Man of the forest

Sebastian: Venerable

Solomon: Peaceful

Karsen: Christian

Matteo: Gift of God


Serena: Serene, Calm

Sarena: Princess, One who Laughs

Lia: Bearer of Good News (At least that’s what I thought it meant when I looked it up a couple of months ago… but now I can only find websites that list its meaning as “weary” or “cow,” which is really too bad since we adore this name. Is it legal to change the meaning of a name?)

Lilia: Lily (We’d call her “Lia”)

Amalia: hard-working, industrious (We’d call her… “Lia”)

Malia: Calm and peaceful (We’d still call her “Lia”)

Serenity: Peaceful Disposition

Skylar: Scholar

Lisette: God is my oath