The Otter Stays/ Another Question for you

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Okay, okay, the sea otter can stay.

(Until the next garage sale anyway.)

I appreciated your input so much that I decided to throw another question your way.

My one million dollar question of the day is:

WHY IS MY FOUR YEAR OLD SUDDENLY BITING EVERYTHING?? Silverware, pens, pencils, money, THE DEADBOLT (I am not kidding), her fingers, the dining room chair, her blanket, her shirt, puzzle pieces, books…

You must understand that this is totally out of character for her and I am befuddled. I don’t think she chewed on things this much even when she was teething! I handed her a carrot, but it didn’t seem to give her the fix she was looking for. She doesn’t realize that she’s doing it and is, of course, adorable – and quick to stop – when I point it out to her.

So, what do you make of it?

Nerves? An iron deficiency? A dental phenomenom? A 4-year-old’s right of passage? A “this, too, shall pass”? Help!