The Quiet Gift of 150 Years

LauraFarm Life

We walked out to assess the damage of the downed tree. (The one by the stream that grew for 150 years, over-looking generations of farmers, cattle, and wildflowers.)

For 150 years, it grew and was still growing! Until a wind tipped it over.

150 years! Ryan said that all of that growing will give us one winter’s heat.

We learn, soberly, what it takes to keep a human warm and well-fed.

150 years of faithful growing, energy, and investment… to, one day, be of some humble service to humans: to warm them when they are cold, to comfort them with light in the midst of one barren winter.


I couldn’t help but reflect: I don’t have nearly as long.

But, will I faithfully grow and give as long as I may?

And, will that faithful growing burn a fire as bright?

What it takes to keep a human…