Stress-free Meal Planning: FREE eBook!

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Do you struggle with menu planning, grocery shopping, and food prep?

Me, too.

There’s hope! With a few simple steps, you can design a sustainable meal plan, wrap your mind around your grocery list, and provide food for your family… without all of the stress!

I’ve written an eBook with the tips that have helped me the most. It offers simple, smart, and sustainable tips for planning meals, grocery shopping, and enjoying food with your family… and it’s free!

Click here to download your free eBook: 

Stress-free Meal Planning

What’s inside:

• Three habits that will change your mind about food planning

• Five helpful tips for stress-free meal planning

• My one-page Spring/ Summer plan and one-page Fall/ Winter food plan

• My two-page grocery list

• Five of our family’s favorite, simple, gluten free recipes

• A list of our family’s favorite gluten-free products

Stress-free Meal Planning is simple and sustainable.  Share it with a friend who needs a little joy in food.

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