Stress-free Meal Planning: FREE eBook!

Do you struggle with menu planning, grocery shopping, and food prep?

Me, too.

There’s hope! With a few simple steps, you can design a sustainable meal plan, wrap your mind around your grocery list, and provide food for your family… without all of the stress!

I’ve written an eBook with the tips that have helped me the most. It offers simple, smart, and sustainable tips for planning meals, grocery shopping, and enjoying food with your family… and it’s free!

Click here to download your free eBook: 

Stress-free Meal Planning

What’s inside:

• Three habits that will change your mind about food planning

• Five helpful tips for stress-free meal planning

• My one-page Spring/ Summer plan and one-page Fall/ Winter food plan

• My two-page grocery list

• Five of our family’s favorite, simple, gluten free recipes

• A list of our family’s favorite gluten-free products

Stress-free Meal Planning is simple and sustainable.  Share it with a friend who needs a little joy in food.

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9 responses to “Stress-free Meal Planning: FREE eBook!”

  1. Becky John Avatar
    Becky John


  2. Laura Avatar

    You’re welcome, Becky! It’s great to see you here! I bet you’ll recognize the source of the granola bars. 🙂

  3. Ali Cruice Avatar
    Ali Cruice

    I often feel the same way about grocery shopping and meal preparation….I’ll start praying about it to find more joy. Great idea! I’m excited to get some recipes too.
    Thank you!

  4. Laura Avatar

    Yay! Do it, Ali. You’ll be amazed by how God cares about the littlest things. It never ceases to amaze me.

  5. […] Want to become more of a meal planner, but you just need a little extra encouragement to get started? Download this free printable Reluctant Meal Planner’s Meal Plan. […]

  6. Erin Avatar

    I’m always on the search for tips and tricks to streamline this process – thank you, Laura! I have made it a point to do my shopping as early as possible on a weekend morning: I’m up anyway, and the quiet in the stores (and without the kids) makes the task(s) less jarring to my psyche. I do plan out our week’s meals. On days that I shop, I tend to already have a meal cooking at home – via crock pot, or thawing in the refrigerator – so I can come home, put everything away, and not have to worry about what is for dinner (hours later) that day. I spend a good part of grocery day chopping, cleaning, and prepping what I’ve just brought home so assembling weekday dinners is easier, and I have a meal board posted on our refrigerator to keep me organized and using the ingredients I’ve purchased (reducing food waste).

  7. Erin Avatar

    Laura, what is your favorite brand of GF AP flour? I’m looking for one that is versitile in all kinds of recipes. Our family is not GF, but I like to cut/reduce our flour consumption; likely, I will continue to bake all of our bread (sandwiches) with regular flour, but I’m looking to change up our baked treats and other sources (soup thickeners, bechamels, etc.). Thank you for the tips! The download is wonderful!

    1. Laura Avatar

      Hi, Erin! Thanks for your thoughts and extra tips, here. You are an efficiency genius, so your insights are always helpful. For several years, I’ve been making the flour blend recommended by America’s Test Kitchen ( for the book). Here’s a link to the recipe: HOWEVER, I’ve heard so many good things about Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour Blend, that I plan to try that once my current batch runs out.

  8. Erin Avatar

    One last tip that helps me to meal-plan and to set our shopping list(s): we have a family meeting, every Sunday morning over bruch. In that time, the family calendar is discussed, and I can see the weeknights that we have activities and pick-ups, school project dealines, doctor’s appointments and the nights my husband will be working late. Those nights require meals that can be pulled together quickly (where the advanced prep of ingredients is really helpful), or pulled out of the freezer* the night before.

    *Often, if I am making a large batch of something – this week it was stuffed shells with marinara sauce – I will freeze one or two meal’s-worth to pull out at a later date a few weeks down the line. I flirt with freezer cooking (where one cooks/preps a month’s-worth of meals on one day), but I find that occasionally doubling a recipe as I cook during the week keeps the variety flowing and the freezer burn to a minimum; I’m more of a hybrid freezer cook.

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