The Secret to Reading-aloud, Playing more games, Tackling big projects, and Singing to babies.

The adrenaline-pumping command, “Just do it,” isn’t just for professional basketball players, you know.

Cindy Rollins, one of Homeschooling’s beloved matriarchs, says that when you want to change something about your daily life, you shouldn’t sit down at the computer to create an elaborate plan.

“Instead,” she says, “Just do it right then and there.”

Do you want to read aloud to your children? Grab a book and read aloud!

Do you want to play games as a family? Clear the kitchen table and set up that board game!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve wasted a lot of precious time and effort day-dreaming, scheming, and planning something without getting around to doing it.


This concept comes to my mind almost every day. It inspires some of my best decisions and helps me to make the most of my time.

So, you want to connect with your daughter? Why don’t you do that right now? Take her hand and walk down the lane. Paint her toe-nails. Sit down next to her and ask her a great question.

‘You want to sing to your baby more often? Sing the first song that pops into your head! 

You want to write an article, downsize the toys, or white-wash the deck? Pick one and get to work! Jump right in and do it.

Think about the difference between Bert’s pretty chalk drawings and Mary Poppin’s actual leap into the drawings.

Magical, right?

When it comes to daily life with friends and family, most of our ideals can be actualized if we just get down to business.

Live the beautiful picture in your mind by just doing the thing.

(The next time you feel a desire cross your heart like, I wish I smiled at my people more, just do it. Then, tell me about it? I need to know that I’m not the only one walking around with an odd mash-up of Michael Jordan, Cindy Rollins, and Mary Poppins on my shoulder.)

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