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Do you know a woman who is giving everything she’s got to love a child?

Perhaps she’s laying down her life to nurture a biological, foster, or adopted child?

Perhaps she’s supporting an adult child, a grandchild, or a spiritual child?

Let her know that you see her.

Let her know that her work matters.

Remind her of the truth…

As your mom-friend walks with Jesus through motherhood, remind her that He is with her every step of the way, championing her on the good days and comforting her on the difficult days.

Does she need grace, strength, wisdom, and rest? He will provide. And He will produce good fruit in her that she could never produce on her own: like strength through joy, courage in the face of fear, and an ironclad trust in His promises.

Expect Something Beautiful is a book full of personal stories, powerful scripture, and practical encouragement for moms in every season of life. And the jewelry is a tangible reminder of the truths tucked inside.

What this looks like in real time

When a busy mom fastens the studs in her ears as she gets her child on the school bus (with projects completed and papers signed and books stacked and water bottle filled and snacks packaged), she will remember that Jesus is with her in the hubbub. And with her child. All day long.

When a foster mom loops in the dangle earrings before meeting her newest arrival – or on the day she must give one final hug – she will remember that Jesus cherishes her every act of service and He is producing something good and eternal from it.

When a grandmother clasps the necklace around her neck just as her grandchild bursts through the door after school, she will remember that her faithful hospitality is one way that Jesus is shaping her grandchild’s story.

When an expectant mom looks in the mirror and sees her body, growing and changing in order to nurture her baby inside, she’ll also see her Seeds of Life necklace and will remember that God is already working through motherhood to make her more like Jesus, more beautiful each day.

When a spiritual mother opens the gift box and sees a visual representation of the way God is working through her faithful friendship, prayer, and generosity, she’ll feel encouraged to keep going.

Give her a tangible reminder of God’s love for her.

Pair Expect Something Beautiful: Finding God’s Good Gifts in Motherhood
Seeds of Life jewelry
(sterling silver earrings or necklace)

for $40.

To order: email laura(at) or reach out through IG @laurabooz or FB.

The story behind our collaboration

You never know who you’ll meet at a Little League game…

Eight years ago, I spoke at a local MOPS meeting, sharing that the sacrifices of motherhood result in rich, full, abundant life. This was the first time I spoke publicly about the idea.

Little did I know, it would be the seed of my book, Expect Something Beautiful: Finding God’s Good Gifts in Motherhood.

The idea also resonated deeply with one of the MOPS moms: she wanted to create a piece of jewelry to portray a mom’s life-giving sacrifices. Although she emailed me about her idea at the time, I didn’t grasp what was going on behind the scenes. I thought, “Oh how beautiful!” and life went on. We both had our hands and hearts full with little ones at home!

Eight years later…

Fast-forward eight years to THE week that Expect Something Beautiful would make its way to hearts and homes and bookshelves. I happened to be volunteering in the concession stand for my son’s Little League game and got to chatting with another volunteer, Erica. Eventually, we put two-and-two together and I discovered that she is the MOPS mom who created the jewelry!

Erica told me that the MOPS talk grew into a line of jewelry named Seeds of Life (Sol).

I told her that it grew into a book.

As the boys played ball, I had the blessing of giving Erica an early copy of my book and she gave me a pair of Seeds of Life earrings. They are stunning.

Together again at MOPS

My first speaking engagement with my book by my side (early November, 2021), was for the same local MOPS group! This time, Erica joined me and we shared the story of this unplanned – but incredible – collaboration.

And now, we’re ready to share our creative expressions with YOU and the moms you love!

To order: laura(at) or erica.13.allen(at)

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