The Suction-Cup Toothbrush

For months, I’ve been thinking of telling you to keep your eyes open for suction-cup toothbrushes at your local Dollar Store. I snagged some a while back and just love how they keep the toothbrush head less germ-y, and a bathroom cleaner. (No more goopy toothbrushes laying across the counter or in a moldy cup by the sink!) Fewer germs, cleaner bathroom… what a deal!

I kept thinking that I should show you pictures of how Viv always finds some creative way to make the sink look like a rhinoceros. You’d rush out to buy one today, I just knew it!

And then. Well, then, while we were on vacation, staying at a hotel, I watched as Vivienne happily finished brushing her teeth, rinsed her mouth, confidently stuck the suction part into her mouth to wet it, and stuck the toothbrush onto the faucet to make her signature rhinoceros head. I winced. “Oh, Viv, don’t put the bottom of your toothbrush in your mouth!!” She looked at me with a blank stare and replied, “But that’s how I always do it!”

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