The Winner of the GIVEAWAY!

I’m happy to announce that Courtney Whetzel won the beautiful hand-stamped gifts from A Gilded Line! Congratulations, Courtney!

Thank you to each person who entered the contest. I haven’t hosted a giveaway in ages. In fact, in the history of my 10 year-old blog, I hosted one giveaway. ONE! I gave away a jar of my favorite berry jam. (Isn’t that charming?)

SO, this special giveaway from A Gilded Line – with beautiful handmade artwork featuring such encouraging words – was a big deal for me. I appreciate each and everyone of you who joined in the fun.

I hope you were encouraged just by reading the quotations, like “Courage, dear heart”. I hope that you, too, hear God whispering that to you as you face today’s tasks.

I also want to thank Allison from A Gilded Line for generously creating and giving the gifts! Visit her often as you plan “just the right gift” for the people you love!

Whatever I do here at – from writing posts about motherhood to sharing meal planners and hosting giveaways – I desire to build you up and point you toward Jesus. You can look forward to that!

I’m so glad that you’re a part of the community here at Visit often and keep me updated in the comments or on my Facebook page. 🙂







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