The Woman Teacher: Part 2

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Several comments to my recent post, “The Woman Teacher“, expressed concern that I consider all of Scripture – and not just one little verse  in formulating my thoughts about a woman’s place in teaching men doctrinally in the church.

To my concerned writers, I gladly respond, Do not fear! For it has been in considering all of Scripture – including the “one little verses” that I have wrestled (and wrestled) and ultimately come to a peaceful conclusion for myself.

I have considered Deborah… a God-appointed judge in a time of God-appointed judgment.

I have considered the woman at the well… an open vessel of “Look what He has done!”

I have considered the beloved women at the tomb… honored, awe-struck proclaimers of life… not heard or believed by men who had to encounter Christ for themselves. Luke 24:11.

I have not forgotten the women of God. I have not forgotten the redeeming power of the Cross.

Nor did Paul when he penned 1 Timothy 2.

Perhaps, these examples and others like them are not as useful in refuting 1 Timothy 2, as much as they are useful in restoring our peace that – in the midst of 1 Timothy 2: 11- 15 – God fully intends for women to be obedient, able, witnesses of His character and deeds.



When I consider all of Scripture,

All I can say is…

“Who is like the Lord?

And what have we to say on the matter?

He is the Potter.

He is the Boundary Maker. He is the Boundary Breaker.

He works mysteries beyond my interpretation or understanding.

Who is like the Lord:

Who made me a woman and not a man

Who has given me great peace about not teaching or usurping a man’s authority in the church

But, who could ask me tomorrow to be a Deborah – judging men in a time when they will not do it themselves

Who has made me like the woman at the well – gladly proclaiming His salvation to all creatures.

Who has made me like a woman at the empty tomb – amazed to see Him risen; grateful when others see Him, too.

Who teaches me to consider others more significant than myself,

to lay my life down for my friends,

and to rest contently in the One who really did.


And so, dear friends, in answer to your concern:

Yes, I long to consider all of Scripture!

(What treasures I would miss if I didn’t.)

And when I consider all of Scripture,

my heart resounds with a desire simply to please the Author.

Which, I bet, is what you desire, too.


Thank you, friends, for your mercy and care.

Let’s keep listening for His voice and running into His arms…

…and considering all of Scripture (wink).