They Won’t Throw Tomatoes

A friend of mine – Sarah Mae – writes blog posts that receive responses from all kinds of women who are trying, listening, discerning, changing, thinking… I really love mulling through the conversations.

Recently, Sarah wrote about her desire to embrace godly principles without (or despite) other people feeling judged or throwing rotten tomatoes. Plenty of responders wrote that they feel the same way. Needless to say, their thoughts got me thinking, too… my thoughts were too long for a comment on her blog, so I thought I’d just post them here.

They Won’t Throw Tomatoes

A woman who believes that what the Bible says is true,

works in her home to invite people in;

to build an environment that is immersed in

God’s grace and goodness

so that when people come in,

they bask in that love and acceptance – they don’t throw tomatoes.

A woman who believes that what the Bible says is true, works

to raise children who bless their neighborhoods

with godly attitudes, selfless actions, and sincere love.

She overflows with ideas, resources, and energy available to love

other children well;

she serves soups, cakes, and salads to hungry stomachs

around her table

and around the community.

She stocks up on band-aids, toilet paper, water bottles and Bible verses

for skinned knees, emergencies, and broken hearts;

she lays aside the clock when a salesperson knocks,

a neighbor-kid stops by,

or her husband calls – just to check in.

With lawns mowed, children welcomed, health concerns prayed-for, and stories listened-to,

they won’t throw tomatoes.

A woman who believes that what the Bible says is true

happily supports men teaching men because

they – just like women – need to dig into Scripture,

plead for insight,

organize their thoughts,

and communicate the Word of God boldly as they should.

She can see that those controversial verses are wise for this day

when a man’s platform is shrinking and his digging

is discouraged.

Neither men nor women would throw tomatoes at a teacher

who has stepped aside so that others may learn, too.

The won’t throw tomatoes and they won’t throw words like

legalism, conservative, or limitations

because they’ll see all of this for what it is: love.

They won’t throw tomatoes

because, you see, a woman who believes that what the Bible says is true

asks the Spirit of God to change her into a servant:

and – this is where I take heart! – there is always beautiful evidence

when God


and a mere human woman learns how

to live like the Son lives,

and to love like the Father loves,

and to minister like the Spirit ministers.

Yes, Christians will – and do – face persecution, but

the work that God gives to His servants is so loving



and sanctifying

that even if one angry person throws a tomato,

a servant cleans it up and loves even more.

Because that’s what Someone did for her.

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