Things are not okay.

A dear friend is watching the girls today. I guess she saw that I just need some rest.

As soon as they drove out of the driveway, I came in with a sigh. Sat down, and asked the Holy Spirit what I should I do with my heart.

He brought to my mind the IHOP prayer room, which is open online 24/7. I clicked in the play arrow and this is what He pulled out of my heart

I’d love for you to listen, too, if you have 15 minutes. Just select 8 a.m. Monday with Jon Thurlow. Find minute 1:41 towards the end of the play bar and listen all the way through to “My Little One” at the end.

And so we embrace the heartsick longing for Jesus to make all things new.

Things as they are, are not okay.

When someone is missing.

When someone is absent…

Things are not okay right now.

Things are not okay.

No, they won’t be ’til You come back.



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5 responses to “Things are not okay.”

  1. Sarah Mae Avatar

    Listening…and praying…and I wishing I was there to be of help in any, some small way…

  2. Jenny Avatar

    I love you. You are right–things are not okay. And it’s ok that it hurts, it’s ok that you and Ryan hurt—Juliette is missing and I am sure it is extremely and indescribably painful.

    I know there’s no pain in heaven—but if you could, imagine Juliette singing this song to you…things will not be ok until YOU come back (in heaven, that is!)

    I love you, I love you, I love you.

  3. Kari Avatar

    Walking with you in prayer, I promise you that!

  4. Jan Avatar

    I hope you can feel all the prayers going up for you, and that they would just wrap themselves around you like a warm, cozy blanket to rest under. I wish I had something eloquent to say, but everytime I think of you losing your precious Juliette, the only words I find are – no, no, no, no, no, no, no…….

    Things are not okay 🙁 I am sorry for that.

  5. Dannah Gresh Avatar

    Things are not ok, but they will be. I have walked a similar path, Sweet Friend. Autumn was God’s healing for that empty spot. He always has a healing. I love you.

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