This Human’s Resolutions

LauraHealthy Living

I can’t help it. I love New Year’s Resolutions. Or, I should say, I love the kind I can actually achieve. Like the year I was fixin’ to learn how to do eye-make-up. I learned how. And I think I’m sometimes cuter because of it. Or, like last year, when I resolved to close the bathroom door when I was in there. With several opportunities to practice each day, I got it down pat! And here I am – a full year later -a better human-being because I close the bathroom door. (Not to mention, my children are better off, because we actually have one healthy boundary. And that’s a good start.)

This year, I’m looking forward…

1. To keep a “People” Calendar. It’s about time I remember and commemorate important dates like my brother-in-law’s birthday. He’s been in the family for 10 years and we really like the guy. There are no excuses for my annual negligence. So, on January 1st, I printed out a standard calendar and wrote down all of the birthdays and anniversaries that I know. I must admit, that I still have to do my research and find out my brother-in-law’s special day, but I have 364 more days to work on it. He’s getting a card this year (or next, at least). I can just feel it comin’!

2. To create a Christmas Card Address Data-base and to send Christmas cards by December 25, 2012. This one is tougher, because it’s due six days before the typical 2012 deadline, but I think I can do it. On January 1st, Ryan opened up a spreadsheet for me and I’ve already entered a handful of addresses. If you want a Christmas card from the farm, send me your address. We’re hoping to make it onto a fridge near you in 2012!

3. To do a monthly French-girl shopping trip. I’m hoping to budget out my monthly cash so that I can invest in a wedge of fine cheese, a bouquet of flowers, a baguette, and a bar of dark chocolate once a month. How do you say, “yum“? (Inspired by Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Discovering Her Inner French Girl)

4. Begin a flower garden. When you invite me over for tea, I want to be the girl who brings a glass jar with freshly cut flowers from her very own garden.  Send me your best gardening tips?