This is the Day!



“Maybe the worse thing in the world is to believe that today is exactly like yesterday . Then we forget to notice and to share what is new and fresh and good about today.” – Gladys Hunt

Today’s new and fresh and good… so far:

* the energy of Mari Winsor’s dance workout (love it)

* the rain-colored rocks that remind me of Spring and make me think it’s warmer outside than it really is

* the big blue bin in the middle of our living room that is filled with plastic eggs waiting egg-spectantly (I had to) for Easter

*the little girl who loves those plastic eggs… a lot

* the other *littler* girl who reaches for shiny and colorful things dangled in front of her (!)

* Ryan’s new cute jeans (poor guy wore his last pair through to the skin)

What’s new and fresh and good about your day?

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