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I have nO iDeA how to balance my crazy hormones, exhaustion, sentimentality, desire to love my family well, desire for my family to love each other well, Vivienne’s aMaZiNg energy and enthusiasm, and Lia’s gone-so-soon infancy.

I want to live meaningfully; I do not want to let the days pass in preschool-level business transactions (or marriage-level business transactions after 6 p.m. for that matter). Of course, it’s mostly a matter of me listening well to the age-old wisdom (aka the Holy Spirit) that is instructing me when I’m getting all crazy about the house being a wreck (who knew that it’s a lot harder to clean up after a little girl all day with another little girl in your arms?), my *LIST* not being completed, or my maternal concern box being stuffed to the gills with unprayed prayers. The message is continually: be still, know that He is God, enjoy the good gifts and their company…

Any ideas about what this looks like day-to-day? I’m open for input: advice, warnings, wisdom, peace signs, smiling emoticons, etc.

I am happy with one idea that popped into my head, though! Because I really want Vivienne to protect and love Lia, I encouraged her to make something to help Lia. So, taking turns cutting and pasting, we made black-and-white contrast cards for Lia to peruse (new born babies see these contrasts best about 8 – 12 inches away). Needless to say, Lia really does love them and they’ve actually calmed her down at times. (I mean it! She’ll be crying until she glimpses one and settles in to take a long look at the shapes and colors.) I’m hoping to come up with other ideas for us to help and love Lia well… I’ll let you know what I come up with. (Pass along your ideas, too!)