This Week’s Inspiration

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I’ve been devouring many sources of inspiration lately. I always like to pass along some of my favorites to you.

A friend pointed me in the direction of a 5-part series aired on Revive Our Hearts way back in 2014. Erin Davis’ interview about her book, Beyond Bath Time, is just about the most encouraging thing a mother could listen to.

I get my daily dose of beauty from my country-lane walks and from my first reading of Anne of Green Gables. (I’ve loved the movie since girlhood and cannot believe I never read the book! It is charming and thoroughly delightful. I think I could read it every day and never tire of it. Anne of Avonlea is next.)

And, I have been podcasting everything available at The Read-Aloud Revival. These podcasts about how to build a family culture around books are intelligent and enriching. You’ll love the author interviews and the variety of topics ranging from Summer Reading motivation to how-to read poetry aloud… it’s truly an amazing source of encouragement for every home. I can’t get enough… and I kind of want to work for them. Or write for them. Or read with them! Or be their friend. 🙂

What’s been inspiring you lately?