Thoughts about the PSU Tragedy

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There are so many, many sad things regarding the recent goings-on at PSU. Other people have written and spoken about them with such eloquence, that I will just add a few things to the conversation. Here are some things that I’m glad about…

I’m glad that no one is exempt from having God’s light shine on any detail of life. It’s good to know that I couldn’t become too rich, too famous, or too powerful to ever completely hide my sin from Him or you. I need to know that. I need to know that at any moment, God can pull off my disguises. Although I’d like to think that transparency is optional, at the end of the day, it’s mandatory.

I’m glad that our society cares so much for children that we would rally together – the legal system and all – to defend them. It’s especially beautiful to see so much compassion for boys, who don’t typically receive as much protection as girls. I’m deeply glad to know that we love children and believe they should be defended, protected, and respected. This is a treasure. Tragically, it is not this way in other places worldwide.

I’m glad that we can come boldly before God’s throne and ask Him for help. Will you join us? Beginning today, a large community of Christians all over the world are gathering in prayer for PSU. I signed up to receive specific prayer requests sent to my inbox over the  next 30 days. You could, too. Read more at my friend, Chris’ site Please extend the invitation to anyone you know who cares for PSU.

I’m glad to know that God has equipped people to counsel and help in cases just like this. I think about Diane Langberg and her coworkers at American Association of Christian Counselors, who have worked for years and will continue to work for the healing of the human soul. Langberg’s book Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse is remarkable. None of us is helpless to help. If you haven’t yet heard a message of redemption on the recent events, listen to Dan Nold’s sermon. If you haven’t yet heard a noble radio segment, listen to Bob and Dannah Gresh speak with Focus on the Family.