Three Gifts to Avoid

Christmas is 8 short days away! Of course, by now, you’ve probably faced the realization that you just don’t have time to knit those matching one-piece jump suits for everybody in your family (you’ll have to use those 12 balls of rainbow yarn for something else, I guess), nor will you be able to put the finishing touches on that adorable tea party set that is still a piece of plywood. At this point in time, it’s probably even too late to buy a goat for a hungry family in Africa.

Even though I can’t change your circumstances, I do have a few words of advice for you. In you’re frenzy, do not settle for any of the following gifts:



or This:






3 responses to “Three Gifts to Avoid”

  1. Sarah Hoover Avatar

    LOL – my sister got that “licks” dog for Ella when she came for a visit! The thing doesn’t even work – it’s never licked us! Sometimes it barks, that’s about it!

  2. admin Avatar

    SARAH – NO WAY!! I didn’t even know that dog really exists! In my book, you are now FAMOUS. Oh, and I’m sorry to hear about the non-lickingness… but it seems like that must be a blessing in disguise!!

  3. Sarah Hoover Avatar

    I’ll take the dog over that creepy laugh-a-lot doll – can you say HORROR FLICK?!

    Oh, and you’re right, not having to wear a bathing suit with dog is a blessing in disguise!

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