Three Little Pigs

I am the proud aunt of an incredible farmer!

Just look at these beautiful pigs (Bo, Daisy, and Luke) that my nephew is raising for his 4-H project:

These pigs better eat up because by the end of August, these pigs will be weighing in at 240 pounds!

Of course, I couldn’t help but enjoy the barn’s romantic lighting:






4 responses to “Three Little Pigs”

  1. Kari Avatar

    The photos are great—– truly works of art. He is quite the farmer!

  2. sarah mae Avatar

    I LOVE that picture of Viv looking out the window – I see it framed!

    I confess, when I see pigs I think bacon…

  3. Jan Avatar

    Amazing pictures! Love them, Laura!

  4. Natalie Carter Avatar
    Natalie Carter

    Would you mind sending me your email address (mine is natalie at airwild dot com)? I have some homeschooling questions for you. I toured a preschool for my Vivi this morning and didn’t feel that great about it. Thanks!

    The farm pictures are totally awesome! I was never around anything like that as a kid and hope to expose my own to more experiences like that!

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