Thursday’s Treasure: Olivia!


The Olivia Take-Along Bedroom Playset!

Who doesn’t love Olivia? (If you don’t love Olivia, you obviously don’t know her. Allow me to introduce you to the world’s cutest piglet.)

On our way to visit Ryan at work, the girls and I stopped by Ollies (a discount warehouse) to snoop around a bit. I couldn’t help g(r)asping at the treasure that I found for $5.99 ($45 on eBay and $25 on!). Of course, the price-cut doesn’t compare to the adorability factor.

(P.S. Julie, I picked one up for Ali. And, after checking out the price comparison, I’m tempted to buy all of them and give them as gifts for the rest of my life. I’ll be the girl who gives the Olivia Bedroom Playset at every baby shower, birthday, and bachelorette party. Just do me a favor and act surprised if you’re a recipient, okay?)

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