Time to Quit: Part 2

…”That’s when we quit.


We: my husband, myself, and our sweet baby girl.

Quit: we quit staying up late; going to bed at different times; watching television; watching dumb movies; bringing in two incomes; trying to publish a book; prioritizing bosses, friends, extended family, and strangers over each other; competing with one other; using the same old murderous words in every argument. We quit not talking to each other; not knowing what the other one was looking at on the Internet; not reading aloud in the evenings; not playing games with one another; not holding each other and saying, “thank you”.

And life. slowed. down.”…

Please join me again today at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee for Part 2 of “Time to Quit: The Beauty of a Quiet Life.”



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7 responses to “Time to Quit: Part 2”

  1. Julie Avatar

    I am blessed to have such a wise and inspirational sister! So glad you are sharing your thoughts and lessons-learned!

  2. Reborn Avatar

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for your response over at Sarah Mae’s! I am going to shoot you an e-mail. 🙂

  3. Reborn Avatar

    Woops, can’t seem to find your e-mail address on your blog. You can contact me at onethingonlyblog {at} hotmail {dot} com.

  4. Sherry B. Avatar

    Laura…wow popping over from small stories at Chatting w/ the sky and read your post. It’s been 2 years now that I quit working full-time. I recently homeschooled my son through 5th and 6th. I had worked all my life. God showed me that my family needed me more and he had allowed my husbands job to increase financially so that money was no longer an obstacle. My children were growing to fast and I worried as one left the nest, “have we done enough” for them to make it in this world? God provided by closing that door and opening a job at our church. I’ve been there part-time for 2 years and get the chance to serve God in ways I never knew he would ask me. I wasn’t sure how I would do with not having a full-time job to fill my days. These days I wonder how I ever worked and managed to get anything done at home. I have a 19yo bonus son, 13 yo son and 6yo daughter! Loving your heart and loving your blog.

  5. Lia S. Avatar

    Thanks so much for posting this. I came across your blog, seemingly haphazardly, except for the fact that our Sovereign God knows exactly what He is doing in my heart and used your blog tremendously to encourage me to step out in faith on some things He to me. I am a stay at home wife and mom and love it, but recently have felt a deeper sense of calling to respect my husband in a deeper way. One way to do this is by my availability to him. This means quitting a position in a women’s ministry. I have not wanted to. But reading your blog entry confirms that it is foolish for me not to do what HE is calling me to! Thanks again.
    By the way, I noticed your daughter’s name is spelled the same way mine is! My parents thought I was going to be a boy and had named me Liam. To their surprise, I was a little girl, so they dropped the ‘m.’ Take care,
    Lia Severance
    Florence, SC

  6. admin Avatar

    Julie – your kindness and support mean the world to me. As always.

    Sherry – it’s stories like yours that encourage all of us to trust our Lord. He is so good, isn’t He?

    Lia – wow! Did you know that your name means “Herald of Good News”?! We just couldn’t resist the spelling of that name once we knew its power. Also, I am so thrilled that you are working out your faith in obedience and reverence for the Lord. Go for it! And soak up the blessings for your obedient heart. (Matthew 5). If you think of it, pop back here and let me know how your transition goes.

  7. Michelle Avatar

    Phew! I was beginning to think I’d never get to read these posts! The link to this series at the Relevant Conference website is broken. I managed to find the search button on your site, only for the Part One link that sent me to the home page rather than the actual post page. I very nearly gave up at that point when there wasn’t a search form on their site. Last ditch effort, tried part two, linked to the actual post, which also linked to part one and “Voila” there it was!
    All this to say, thank you for this inspirational post. I read through your “Best Of” posts (also in an attempt to find this series, boy when I get curious I just can’t let it go:)) and really enjoy your content and style. I look forward to reading more in the future!

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