(Here are 4 of our 6 children on an August morning…)

I’m so glad you’re here.

I’ve been hoping you would stop by and find something up-lifting and helpful here.

You need to know that I’m only 14 years into my motherhood journey. I have a limited view. Our home life is very typical and each person in my family is only human after all – with strengths and weaknesses, joys and sorrows – and in great need of Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and grace.

Along the way, I’ve benefited so greatly from God’s guidance, my mom’s wisdom, and wisdom from other people. I love to share these insights here on my blog, on my YouTube channel… anywhere I can offer encouragement to people like you who want to love and nurture children, too.

I’m cheering you on!

Start here:

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Early Childhood:

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Children of any age:

When Your Child Doesn’t Love You

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Especially for you, Mom:

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