To Make You Laugh

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First, some quotations from Vivienne:

Vivienne (to 2-year-old Lia): Sigh. Why must you act like a one-year-old??


Vivienne (gazing at our new little kitten): Sigh. Don’t you just love his scarlet blue eyes?


Vivienne: But, Mommy, I have to chew on things like pencils because I’m a climber. Don’t you know that all climbers have to chew on things just in case they are climbing a mountain or a pole and suddenly have to use their teeth in order to hang on!


And finally, to keep you occupied while I am away from my computer for the week, check out these old-time Father Knows Best radio shows.

We love them. Viv thinks they are the funniest things. I love to hear her giggle at the little idiosyncrasies and such. And because they’re so old, I count them as history lessons. (Just kidding. Mostly.)

(Of course, be sure to listen to an episode before you play them for your children. You might not think they are funny; and you may not want to expose your kids to the type of sarcasm or personalities that are in the shows. We happen to love it; but we know that everyone is different!)