To Travel With Jesus

St. Christopher, the Patron Saint of Safe Travel, named  “Christ-bearer,”  is always depicted with the Christ child in his arms or on his shoulders. Sometimes Christopher is strong, sometimes he is weak, but always he wears Christ in his journeys.

I stare at the paint, the wood carvings, the ink, and remember that I bear a similar name. In strong and weak moments, I am to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, my life being His own life to do with as He will.

And so I ask Him to be with me, to be part of me, knowing that the companionship changes the depiction of my life.  But can I bear His constant presence on my back, and in my arms, so that all of my labor is for His sake?

Can all of my journeys – through sunshine and shadow – be traveled with Christ and for Christ?

How could the man in these pictures forget that life is about Jesus? How could his work and energy not be for Christ’s sake?

When Jesus promised, “I’ll be with you always, even to the end of the age,” He anticipated my constant companionship, labor, and love. And I anticipate His.





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