Today’s Chapel Talk (Day 28)

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It was the day I was scheduled to speak at the local Christian high school, and I was late. I forgot all of the handouts and props that I planned to use. My clothes were splattered with grime, and I forgot to switch my sneakers for heels. When I got up front, I realized that my mouth was full of the stickiest gum in the world. It was coating my teeth and tongue, making me gag. I turned my back to the audience so I could get it out, but I couldn’t pull it out no matter how frantically I tried.

That was my dream two nights ago.

It was one of those dreams that *BETTER* just be revealing my worst fears – and not serving as a premonition of terrible things to come. (I mean, it was pretty bad with the gum and all. Yuk.)

So when I woke up this morning to a glorious day, feeling clear-headed and organized, I PRAISED GOD. When I packed the car and realized that I had everything I needed, I was thrilled. When I actually remembered to switch my slippers with my black heels, I practically did a back flip. And during the drive there, I praised God that I could speak clearly! I was on time! And all was well. The terror of my dream opened my heart to gratitude for this awesome opportunity to serve God. It took my mind off of my typical obsessions and fears and focused my eyes on the glorious calling we each have as members of the Body of Christ. What a gift He has given us!

Today’s chapel talk was a wonderful opportunity for me to apply some of the things that God has been teaching me this month.

For example…

TRUST. It was so good for me to trust God. I had to trust Him to redeem past mistakes. I had to trust Him to work through me. I had to trust Him to glorify Himself despite my humble offering.

FOCUS. It was good for me to focus on the people in the audience – and not on myself. My love for them grew as I prayed – weeks ahead of time – in pursuit of compassion and understanding. This shaped my lesson, my delivery, my application, and my generosity. I am so grateful for this insight.

TRUTH. It was good for me to share biblical truths that won’t change over time. I love that I can count on the beauty, endurance, and power of God’s Word to speak in ways I cannot fathom.

Thank you for your prayers, if you prayed them. Thank you for your support and care. All was well. May God alone be glorified and may each of us love Him more because of today.