Today’s Havening…

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“Bye-bye!” (this is just a body-double for the real moth)

Today, the challenge was to tackle the living room. SO, I finally scoured V’s little potty that usually sits in the living room. Every once in a while I see it through a stranger’s eyes and think, “Gee, I should really bleach that thing…” That was my first haven-making move for the day. This afternoon, I washed the cushion covers for our couch, vacuumed the floors and the couches (sadly, I didn’t find one cent under the cushions!), shined the fireplace doors, and vacuumed up a dead moth that was hiding under the baseboards.

Going along with someone else’s cleaning schedule is kind of a nice switch-a-roo for tasks that otherwise have to happen without any special “haven- making” attention.