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Lia is 18 months old

This past week, we’ve been preparing Lia for her little Tot Tray times when Vivienne will be learning Phonics and math. So, in the morning, we’d take her downstairs, help her get a tray and teach her how to play with the tray. She became more and more independent through the week. We have one more “practice” week before the first day of Kindergarten. Here are the trays she enjoyed this week:

A small vanity set to develop motor control and body-part recognition:

pull the gloves out of the purse, “put gloves on”, put a hat (or puffy head-band) on your head, “paint your fingernails”, “put on lipstick”, put sunglasses on your eyes, brush your hair

Ice-Cream Shop! Scoop the correct color “ice-cream” into the corresponding bowl. Lia loved serving Vivienne her lemon ice cream: over and over again!

Marbles: place a marble in each groove.

I tried to keep a close eye on this one… since Lia still does put tempting little nick-knacks in her mouth. I must admit that one or two marbles are missing after a week’s play. (gulp!) They haven’t shown up in a diaper yet, so my guess is that they’re in a couch cushion.

Stars and Moons: Poke the stars and moons onto the sticks!

(I use my box of “Pick-up-Sticks” for so many tot trays.)

Popsicle Color Match: We’ll revisit this one over and over again.

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