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One of my favorite scenes in the entire Bible is the Mount of Transfiguration where Jesus reunites with His good friends, Moses and Elijah. I love imagining how wonderful it must have felt for Jesus to talk with them. He must have just loved that they got it because they finally had a heavenly vantage point.  How amazing it is to be Moses and Elijah, the two men Jesus chose to talk to… He must have missed them something awful. I love how Luke records that they were talking about Jesus’ departure. Moses and Elijah must have missed Him, for sure. I wonder whose prayers brought the reunion about… Jesus’ or Moses and Elijah’s. Could I just talk with my friends for a few moments, Father? Could we just visit with him for an hour, Abba? Judging from God’s response to the whole scene, saying, “This is my Son, my Chosen One, Listen to him!”, I’m guessing Jesus was the one who needed some fellowship with faith-full Saints. Maybe He was just a tad weary of the dozing disciples who didn’t get it quite yet. So God granted Him that “feels like home” moment, followed by a passionate encouragement to the men who would someday join the ranks of Moses and Elijah, as Jesus’ faith-filled Saints. My heart is stirred by Jesus’ love for His friends. His love for you and me. May we listen to him! Oh, Jesus. I love Him.