True Confessions: We are not following that schedule I posted a few weeks ago!

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Dear reader,

I’ve been meaning to write this post for days now just to let you know that we aren’t following that tidy summer schedule that I posted a few weeks ago. As soon as I realized that our summer was shaping up differently, I removed the post so I wouldn’t mislead anyone, but I haven’t had time to acknowledge it formally. I’ve been waiting for a magical explanation to come to me – I wanted to write a Pinterest-worthy post about flexibility and willingness to change – but it’s not happening. So, here is a very unfancy FYI to let you know that our summer has turned out much more relaxed and unstructured than I intended.

As it turns out, we ended up getting a pool membership this year and signing a few of our kiddos up for swimming lessons. We’ve been trying to go to the pool as often as possible and the kids are loving it. They are much more comfortable in the water this year and that thrills me. We’ve spent afternoons and evenings there with our little cooler and a pile of towels.  We also discovered that the YMCA is providing free lunches for kids all summer. They send the lunch to a church that is 3 miles away and volunteers serve us lunch every day. (I know, AMAZING.) We bip over there several times a week and thank God for such a blessing! Add to that birthdays, beaches, and camps… and there’s just no room for a tidy little schedule of any sort.

I just wanted you to know. Now you can stop imagining me over here having some amazingly productive summer. 🙂 It’s been a good summer – great at times – but with far less handwriting, that’s for sure.