Tuesday’s Play Gym (and my 100th Post)

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There is so much pressure in blog-world to do something significant for one’s 100th post: throw a party, give gifts, pop a cork… I’m not sure what to do for mine. Maybe I’ll just jot down a list of 100 simple sweet things that I love, hoping that you’ll find something on the list to love, too. On second thought, maybe not; because all I want to do today is just post these pictures from Tuesday’s play day at a local church and then take the rest of V’s nap time to catch up on some reading.  Yep, that sounds like a fine way to celebrate my 100th post. :)  Anyway, the church that hosts this weekly play day fills its auditorium with climbing gyms, little houses, tricycles, and see-saws.   I have never been so convinced in the presence of guardian angels as I am when I watch the miraculous interceptions of dozens of potential collisions.