Two Lovely Christmas Read-Alouds


If your library happens to have copies of Natalie Savage Carlson’s The Family Under the Bridge or Julia L. Sauer’s The Light at Tern Rock, you may want to check them out, for those moments over the next week or two when you snuggle up on the couch with your children. Short read-alouds, these stories are beautiful, unique, and seasoned with Christmas. If this year’s family reading time is already booked with other beauties, consider adding these to next year’s list.

Ronnie went on slowly, “All over the world, on Christmas Eve, people are putting little candles in their windows, to light the Christ Child on His way. They’re doing it right now, aren’t they? This very minute! It’s almost the very nicest of all the special things we do on Christmas.” – from The Light at Tern Rock