Two Things About Love


This week, two things expanded my understanding of day-to-day love.

First, Kate Dicamillo’s Flora & Ulysses (recommended to me by my daughter, and two dear friends both named Amy).

My treasured ideas from the book:

  • remember that love can triumph over a whole slew of wrongs, weaknesses, and oddities
  • keep the window open at night in hopes of something wonderful flying in
  • always open the door in hopes that you’ll see the face of someone you love

Secondly, Ellie Holcomb’s heartbreaking, lovely song “With You Now”: this type of love is the epitome of a good marriage, a good friendship, and a good life.







3 responses to “Two Things About Love”

  1. Molly Avatar

    Oh! So just watched LABOR DAY last night. Really beautiful film that tells the tale of love that had to wait. Sweet and powerful, gritty and real. (Warning: there is a flashback of Kate Winselt’s reason for her depression – miscarriages, which I know can be a difficult thing to watch. Brief. Telling). Very much worth watching as it embodies your themes here in full. Bring your tissues!

  2. Molly Avatar

    Labor Day Preview:

    So good!!

    1. Laura Avatar

      Thanks for the recommendation, Mol. I’ll try to see it soon… xoxo.

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