Update on Malachi

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Oh, dear friends, thank you for your prayers and support. It has certainly been a difficult 24 hours. We have placed our faith in the power of God and are amazed by the ways in which He has led us and protected us. Thank you for your part in lifting us up before Him.

Though the night was frightening with an unresponsive baby and so many lab tests, we had a wonderful miracle at noon today: Malachi cried and cried! For the first time in 18 hours, he was VERY hungry, had his eyes open, and was fixing to get some lunch! I was over-joyed to see that he was “back”!! He nursed very well, and has been growing stronger and stronger ever since.

So, we are enjoying the healing of his outward symptoms (the jaundice, unresponsiveness, lethargy, lack of wet diapers, etc.) and are looking forward to Wednesday’s test results regarding his internal symptoms (the low white blood count).

We’ll be in the hospital until Thursday morning so that Malachi can receive the full dose of antibiotics and so that we can receive the results from the meningitis culture. We are hopeful that God led us to the hospital through drastic outward symptoms in order to address an unseen infection, that is now being treated.

Please pray that his white blood cell count is completely restored to a healthy level and that his body is completely healed (from both seen and unseen problems). Also, please pray that he has a great big bowel movement. (Oh, the basic needs of life!) This will help to clean out the bilirubin and balance his little system. We’ve been waiting and waiting…

I’ll try to post an update when we hear anything new.

I’ve been savoring each and every one of your comments and prayers. My faith is strengthened and my heart is grateful…