Vivi Moments

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Coming out of a shop:

“Look momma! SNOW!” as she, faster-than-lightening, somehow grabbed a handful of rock salt from the side walk and put it in her mouth. (From the horrified look on her face, I think the salt’s surprising lack of refreshment will stick with her for a looong time. We quickly removed every bit of it with an explanation about rock salt AND a reiteration of snow-eating rules.)

Playing with a pig finger puppet:

Pig: Hello! Welcome to my store! What would you like to eat?

Me: Some ham, please.

Pig: We don’t serve any ham. Ever.

While getting my eyebrows waxed:

Vivienne usually sits in another chair and watches the whole procedure vigilantly. Today, she crawled right up on my lap and lay her head on my stomach. There was something memorably sweet about a little girl cuddling up onto my pregnant belly while someone plucked my eyebrows into shape. I’m not being sarcastic when I say that these really are the moments to savor.