Vivienne’s Quote of Last Night

I just love those moments when Viv and I cuddle up in bed and talk about the day.  She’s always winding out the one million things on her mind while straightening the ornaments on her mini nightstand Christmas tree, drinking milk, and chewing her blanket’s silky border.  Well, last night, we lay side by side, talking about this and that.  Suddenly, a smile crossed her face as she reached her finger up to poke my eyebrow and exclaim, “YOU LOOK JUST LIKE A HAMBURGER!”






3 responses to “Vivienne’s Quote of Last Night”

  1. Emily N- Avatar
    Emily N-

    so here is my question- if people always tell me that I look like you….does that mean that I look like a hamburger, too?

  2. Jan Avatar

    Well, it was dark in the room, right? Lol, she is too much!!!

  3. admin Avatar

    Em – I think it means you look like a CHEESEburger. 🙂

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