We Build in Remembrance


As women, we build our homes, word by word, deed by deed, prayer by prayer.

We look for what is wise, so that we make the most of the gifts we’ve been given.

We read about God’s countless commands that we do not forget the mighty acts of God. And we learn from the Israelites that His story can be lost in one generation. We learn from the Israelites that His story can also be protected and preserved from one generation to another, to another. And that our children and our children’s children will know the almighty God who is eager to save.

So we build our homes to be records of His greatness.

We find ways to protect and preserve His story so that our children, the dear little mopsy heads that bounce around our homes, may know Him, and love Him, and – best of all – receive His love.

I leave the big Record book on our dining room table. Two years ago, I hugged it when I found it on the shelf of a discount warehouse. I divided it into sections, alphabetically, and whenever I find a scripture or a thought or a prayer or a quotation that I want my children to know and have as their own, I write it down. I search for truths that they will need to know both now and in the future, so that they will linger over it, saying, “This is what Mom thought was important.” But more, that they’re hearts will discern, “This is what God thought was important for Mom to think was important…”

Under “C”… I etch in God’s thoughts about courage.

Under “H”… I copy word-for-word, God’s thoughts on homes; and His saints’ praise of home; and His spokespeople’s instruction on how to build and love home.

Two years later, I turn around and realize that this has become one of my most tangible ways to collect stones of remembrance, tablets of remembrance, stories of remembrance, so that our home will be built upon the love and might of God.


How do you preserve and celebrate the mighty acts of God?