We Have a 75%’er! (Or, “Another Post for the Relatives”)

Highlights from Lia’s appointment:

* 75% in length (21 inches)

* 50% in weight (8.3 lbs.)

* 75% head circumference

* doctor raved about Lia’s beautiful round head

* and her strong arms

* and, after the check-up, came back into the room with information about “Not Nursing Your Baby for Sheer Comfort” just when I was latching Lia on after the stressful check-up (technically, she never finished nursing when we left home for the appointment, so I considered it an extended mealtime). Ryan assured me it was purely coincidental. I PROMISE I am doing the sleep/feed/play cycle.






4 responses to “We Have a 75%’er! (Or, “Another Post for the Relatives”)”

  1. Jan Avatar

    Ahh, boohoo on cycles! Feed her, snuggle her, love on her whenever you want! I am so glad to hear she is growing so beautifully!

  2. grandmom ruthie Avatar
    grandmom ruthie

    Hooray! Enjoy those little darlings! All too soon they’ll be all grown up. Then you’ll have to wait to be a grandmom before you can snuggle with someone who actually fits in your lap and between your arms at the same time!

  3. erin marie Avatar
    erin marie

    whew- i was up all night last night worried about Lia’s head circumference. At last… i may sleep in peace.

    she does have a fab round head i must say. you make only the best Lar.

  4. Amy Avatar

    Hi sweet Laura! Just checking up on you, your babies, your husband… congrats, you are the first person ever whose blog calls to me more than every few months. It’s so excellent to have a slice of Laura right at my fingertips! : )

    I have lots of questions for you–we need to catch up soon! Love you!

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