What God Said in the Bible Wins

Ahhh, the many ways that motherhood opens doors for teaching theological truths. Take, for instance, this conversation that Vivienne and I had coming home from a little shopping trip for our Operation Christmas Child:

Vivienne: “Could we wrap the presents for the little girl before my nap?”

Mommy: “No, sweetie, I already told you that we’ll wrap them after your nap.”

[Pause, while Vivienne walks over to the other side of the room, whispers for a few moments, and returns with a confident smile.]

Vivienne: “Well! God just said we could! 🙂 ”

Mommy: “Actually, we know that God said ‘Children obey your parents in everything for this pleases the Lord.’ And He never lies. What He said first in the Bible wins. Everything else that He says to us agrees with what He has already said. We’ll wrap them after your nap.”

Vivienne: Okay…





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