What I Know Now: 1

In honor of Snoopy!!! The Musical, I present the following series inspired by one of the songs: Knowing What I Know Now.

There are certain questions that I’ve asked “Google” over the years. Now that I know the answers, I thought I’d share them on this blog in case someone else googles the same question and happens to discover this very post for an answer! Also, when your friends and co-workers are asking you the same questions, you can pipe in with, “Well, I know a woman who knows that…”


“Is it normal for 18 month old baby to have no teeth?”

What I Know Now:

Maybe it’s not normal, but it’s perfectly fine!

We were concerned about Little Lia, who was all gums for quite some time. We took her to a special pediatric dentist who took one x-ray of her mouth and discovered that nothing was unusual. He highly recommended that we just wait it out and not pursue any type of surgical procedure. The next week, Lia’s teeth were sprouting out all over. But she only recently filled in her whole mouth, and she’s 2 1/2.  She’s an adorable little girl who speaks clearly and loves dearly; so relax, chances are, your toothless little one will be sprouting teeth any day/ week/ month/ year now!



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One response to “What I Know Now: 1”

  1. QueenLos Avatar

    This is comforting considering my 13 month old princess has not a single tooth although people have been saying since she was 3 months old… It looks like she is teething!

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