What I Know Now: How to Apply Lotion to a Child’s Face!


In honor of Snoopy!!! The Musical, I present the following series inspired by one of the songs: Knowing What I Know Now.

There are certain questions that I’ve asked “Google” over the years. Now that I know the answers, I thought I’d share them on this blog in case someone else googles the same question and happens to discover this very post for an answer! Also, when your friends and co-workers are asking you the same questions, you can pipe in with, “Well, I know a woman who knows that…”

QUESTION: How to apply sunblock to a child’s face?


No wonder kids are spending more time indoors these days: no one wants to put sunblock on them! It’s a chore!

(I’ll admit it: All summer long, I thought of telling you this tip, but I never followed through. Now that the sun is far away and you are tucking your empty bottles of sunblock away for the winter, I  hope you can remember it for next summer!)

Anyway, have your child stand with her back to you so that you can reach over her head to apply the lotion. She can lean against you for a brace and you’ll feel much more natural applying lotion as if you were applying it to your own face. I’m telling ya: it works!

(On second thought, I suppose this could apply for regular facial lotions that you might apply through the wintertime, too!)