What Jesus Wants

Recently, I heard a brilliant sermon about that confusing story in Mark 8, when Jesus spit on a blind man’s eyes, laid his hands on him, and the man’s vision was only partly restored. Then, Jesus laid his hands on his eyes again and his sight was completely restored.

I just loved when Pastor Rich Craven encouraged us to read the Bible by asking “What’s surprising here?” In this case, I could answer, “everything!” Our biggest question is, “Why didn’t Jesus just heal him completely the first time?” The sermon helped me to sift through some of the reasons why it might have happened this way. Afterward, I thought of one more possible reason…

Maybe Jesus wants us to see that partial healing is not good enough for Him.

He’s not happy when our sight is only partially restored: me walking around, seeing people as if they were trees. He will not stop until we are completely healed and our vision is clear.

No, He will not stop.

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6








2 responses to “What Jesus Wants”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    Hey! We’re studying the book of Mark at Centre Church. When I read Mark 8, that particular message confused our small group. You helped clear that up for me, thank you!

    Have a blessed day my friend!

  2. Lorilee Avatar

    Yes, that is beautiful. “He wants us to know that partial healing isn’t good enough” Sometimes he works fast, sometimes it seems to us to take too long, but he will complete the work. Thanks! God Bless

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