What Would Jesus Sing?

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This morning, Vivienne was rifling through her little NT Bible with determination. Back and forth, back and forth, obviously looking for something. Finally she said, “I can’t find it! I can’t find it anywhere! I’m looking for the verse about Jesus liking calm music, but I can’t find it in my Bible anywhere!” (The more traditional churches in town surely trembled at this moment. But I have a feeling that she was just wondering why the Tigger song is so much more fun than many of the songs we sing in church, even though it doesn’t mention Jesus.)

I really don’t know why that was on her mind, but it was a great opportunity to explain to her that Jesus likes all kinds of music that come from the person who loves Him. “In fact,” I remembered just in time, “He even says that He lives inside our praise songs!” (Psalm 22:3) On our way to the grocery store, we sang calm and upbeat songs of praise to God… After her nap, I might just have to play that Tigger song (over and over again, I’m sure) and teach her how to use it to praise Jesus.

Lovin’ my little Berean, already searching Scripture for answers to life’s toughest questions (Acts 17:11).