What’s Happenin’ Today


* Took Vivienne and So-girl to the grocery store where I caved for one of those unwieldy shopping carts with a “car” attached to the front (you know the kind that rumbles from miles away and has no turning radius whatsoever): the girls were as pleased as punch and the shopping trip was actually quite peaceful.

* Waited patiently for the methodical cashier (her first day on the job) and covered for Viv as she “couldn’t hold it any longer!” and tinkled on the floor… and proceeded to strip down immediately. As fashionable as ever, she rolled out of the store in her adorable autumn-purple shirt, the spare pair of red underwear that I found in my bag, bare legs, sneakers, and a bright orange balloon.

* Tried to figure out a way that I could eat more of the trick-or-treat candy that I bought and still make it look like I had a whole bow-full waiting for the darling children (my best idea yet: a smaller bowl!).

* Taught two little girls how to tromp through the leaves and throw handfuls into the air: everyone loves a good leaf-storm

* Sat in a sunny patch of leaves holding two little girls in my arms, singing “For the Beauty of the Earth” and “Doe-a-Deer” (my favorite happening of all)

* Paid a hard-working neighbor to rake our thousands of leaves (my second-favorite happening)

What does the rest of the day hold? Making dinner for our friends, dressing a little chicken, taking lots of pictures, and visiting with our delightful neighbors. I’d say this day is a good way to say good-bye to October.

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